Workplaces and equipment

2. Workplaces and equipment
2.1. Means of access and egress
2.1.1. As far as is reasonably practicable, adequate and safe
means of access and egress should be provided for all workplaces.
2.1.2. Means of access and egress should be maintained in a
safe condition.
2.1.3. Where special safe means of access to or egress from
workplaces are provided, workers should always use them for
going to and from the workplaces.
2.2. Heating, lighting, ventilation
2.2.1. Workplaces should be adequately heated wherever
necessary and practicable. If it is not practicable, provisions
should be made to allow workers to warm themselves at appro-
priate places and intervals during their work.
2.2.2. Heating installations should comply with the require-
ments of paragraphs 2.4.13 to 2.4.23.
2.2.3. All practicable measures should be taken to prevent
steam, smoke, fumes, etc. from obscuring any workplace or
equipment at which any person is employed.
2.2.4. Where natural lighting is not adequate to prevent
danger, adequate and suitable artificial lighting should be provided
at all workplaces and their approaches, including passageways.
2.2.5. Artificial lighting should not cause any danger, including
that of producing glare or disturbing shadows.
2.2.6. Lamps should be protected by suitable guards where
necessary to prevent danger if a lamp breaks.

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