Working clothes and personal protective equipment

36 Working clothes and personal
protective equipment
36.1. GeneraL provisions
36.1.1. Where necessary, workers should be provided with ad
wear protective clothing and other personal protective equipment
as conditions may require.
36.1.2. There should be national standards applicable to per-
sonal protective equipment.
36.1.3. If necessary, workers should be instructed in the use of
the personal protective equipment provided.
36.1.4. Workers should make proper use of and take proper
care of the personal protective equipment provided.
36.1.5. All workers should wear close-fitting clothing and stout
boots or other suitable footwear.
36.1.6. All personal protective equipment should be kept fit
for immediate use.,
36.1.7. All necessary measures should be taken by the employer
to ensure that protective clothing and the personal protective
equipment are effectively worn.
Waterproof clothing
36.1.8. Workers required to work in the rain or in similar
wetting conditions should be provided with waterproof clothing
and head covering.
36.1.9. Oilskin clothing should be kept in a well-ventilated
place away from stoves, radiators and other sources of heat, and
not be rolled or put in lockers or other confined spaces.
Head protection
36.1.10. Safety helmets or hard hats should be worn by work-
ers employed at any place where they might be exposed to head
injury from:

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