Medical care and supervision

38. Medical care and supervision
38.1. Medical examination
38.1.1. All workers should undergo as far as practicable a
medical examination:
before or shortly after entering employment for the first time
(pre-employment examination with special emphasis on
physical fitness and personal hygiene); and
periodically, at such intervals which the competent authority
should prescribe taking due account of the risks inherent in the
work, and the conditions under which the work is performed
(periodical re-examination).
38.1.2. All medical examinations should:
be free to the workers; and
include, if necessary, X-ray and laboratory examinations.
38.1.3. Workers under 18 years of age should receive special
medical supervision, including regular periodical medical re-
38.1.4. The data obtained by medical examinations should
be suitably recorded and kept for reference.
38.1.5. When the work presents a special risk to the health of a
worker, he should not be employed on that work.
38.1.6. When a worker is found at the medical examination to
constitute a risk to the health or safety of other workers, he should
not be allowed to work whilst the risk remains but, if practicable,
he should be assigned to work free from such risks;
38.1.7. Workers.whc have been severely injured or ill shoild
not return to work without permission from a doctor.

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