Road and similar transport

10. Road and similar transport
10.1. Roads and traveiways
10.1.1. Suitable roadways should be built to all places on
construction sites to which road vehicles have to go.
10.1.2. Parts of the site that are dangerous for road vehicles
should be:
fenced off; or
10.1.3. Danger signs for road vehicles should be clearly
visible by day or night.
10.1.4. Truck or tractor roads used for construction opera-
tions should be constructed and maintained so as to be safe for
traffic in accordance with requirements which should be laid down
by the competent authority.
10.1.5. In particular, truck roads should have gradients,
surface, width and curves suitable for the traffic that they will
have to carry.
10.1.6. Adequate guard-rails or fenders should be provided
on bridges and alongside precipices, ravines and other declivities.
10.1.7. Bridges, trestles and their approaches should be
inspected at suitable intervals.
10.1.8. Icy or otherwise slippery stretches of truck roads
should be strewn with sand or other suitable non-slip material,
especially on gradients and curves.
10.1.9. At approaches to level crossings, truck roads should
not slope steeply.
10.2. Tractor and motor truck construction
General provisions
10.2.1. Tractors and motor trucks should be of sufficiently

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