34. Diving
34.1. General provisions
34.1.1. The following provisions are intended to apply to div-
ing with specialised suits or helmets. Diving with self-contained,
underwater breathing apparatus is of a specialised nature and is
not covered in this Code.
34.1.2. No person under the age of 20 or over the age of
55 should be employed as a diver.
34.1.3. No person should be employed as a diver unless he
has experience of the work or is being trained under the super-
vision of an experienced diver.
34.1.4. No diving operations should be undertaken unless a
team consisting of two divers, one attendant (signalman) and one
or more pumpmen is provided.
34.1.5. In all diving operations a second diver with a complete
set of diving equipment should be constantly available for employ-
ment in an emergency.
34.1.6. On boats used for diving operations there should be
at least one properly qualified sailor.
Medical supervision
34.1.7. No person should be employed as a diver unless he
has been medically examined within the previous six months and
been found fit for such employment.
34.1.8. If by reason of disease or injury a diver is incapacitated
for employment as a diver for more than two weeks he should nOt
be employed again as a diver until he has been medically examined
and found to be fit for such employment.
34.1.9. Divers should be medically re-examined at appro-
priate intervals as determined by the competent authority.

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