Pressure plant

18. Pressure plant
18.1. Steam boilers
18.1.1. Official regulations as regards the materials, design,
construction, inspection and testing of steam boilers should be
laid down.
18.1.2. Oniy competent persons should operate steam boilers.
18.1.3. Boiler feed water should be clean and free from foreign
18.1.4. Steam should not be allowed to leak from the water
column or its connections.
18.1.5. Boiler installations, especially gauges, should be well
18.1.6. The maximum working pressure should be marked in
a distinctive colour on the pressure gauge.
18.1.7. The space around a boiler should be kept clear of
obstructions and rubbish.
18.1.8. Boilers should preferably not be installed out of doors
in cold countries.
18.1.9. Water should not be fed into a hot empty boiler.
18.1.10. If the water level is low the fire should be damped
down, the ash door closed and the fire doors left open.
18.1.11. If persistent foaming occurs the boiler should be
shut down.
18.1.12. Safety valves should operate freely at all times.
18.1.13. Water gauge glasses and water columns should be
blown out at frequent intervals during each shift to make sure that
all connections are clear.
18.1.14. Blow-off cocks should be opened and closed slowly
so as to avoid water hammer.

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