23 Blasting
23.1. General provisions
23.1.1. Blasting caps, safety fuses, wiring and other blasting
equipment should conform to specifications to be laid down in
national or other official regulations or standards.
23.1.2. Dynamite should not be removed from its original
wrapper until it is being loaded into boreholes.
23.1.3. Detonating fuses, electric blasting caps or caps
properly crimped to safety fuse may be used in wet boreholes.
23.1.4. Detonating fuses or electric blasting caps should be
used in underwater blasting.
23.1.5. Underwater blasting operations should comply with
the requirements of paragraphs 34.4.17 to 34.4.30.
23.1.6. As far as practicable, blasting should be done off shift
or during breaks in the work.
23.1.7. As far as practicable, blasting above ground should be
done in daylight.
23.1.8. If blasting above ground has to be done in the dark,
roadways and pathways should be adequately lighted by artificial
23.1.9. If blasting can endanger workers in another under-
blasting times should be agreed between the two undertakings;
no shot should be fired until a warning has been given to the
other undertaking and acknowledged by it.
23.1.10. Loaded boreholes should not be left unattended after
the end of the shift.
23.1.11. Arrangements should be made for advanced warning
to be given of the approach of any electrical storms.

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