Roof work

26. Roof work
26.1. General provisions
26.1.1. Where necessary to prevent danger, precautions should
be taken to prevent:
workers employed on roofs from falling off them; and
tools or other objects and materials from falling from roofs.
26.1.2. Work on roofs should not be carried on in high
winds, violent storms or heavy snowfalls or when the roof is
covered with ice.
26.1.3. Crawling boards should be at least 25 cm (10 in)
26.1.4. Crawling boards should be securely fastened to a
firm structure.
26.1.5. Roofing brackets should fit the slope of the roof.
26.1.6. Roofing brackets should be securely supported.
26.2. Steep roofs
26.2.1. Work on steeply sloping roofs should only be done
by workers who are physically and psychologically fit for such
26.2.2. When work is done on steeply sloping roofs, sufficient
and suitable crawling boards or ladders should be provided, and
firmly secured in position as soon as practicable.
26.2.3. When work is done on steeply sloping roofs, if practi-
cable, a working platform complying with the requirements of
section 3.2 should be provided and firmly secured in position.
26.2.4. If necessary to prevent danger when work is done on
steeply sloping roofs, a parapet wall or adequate guard-rail and
toe-board should be provided at the edge of the roof or a catch

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