Miscellaneous provisions

41... Miscellaneous provisions
41.1. Workshops
41.1.1. Maintenance and repair shops and other workshops
should comply with:
national or other official regulations concerning occupational
safety and health in industrial establishments; or
in so far as concerns matters not dealt with in such regulations,
with the Model Code of Safety Regulations for Industrial
Establishments published by the International Labour Office.
41.2. Land clearance
41.2.1. Land-clearance operations should comply with the
relevant requirements of the Code of Practice Safety and Health
in Forestry Work published by the International Labour Office.
41.3. Poisonous plants, insects, snakes, etc.
General provisions
41.3.1. In regions infested with poisonous plants, dangerous
insects or venomous snakes, workers should be taught how to
identify them, and instructed in precautionary measures, symptoms
of i1lnss and emergency first-aid treatment.
Poisonous plants
41.3.2. Persons known to be hypersensitive to plant poisons
should not be employed in regions infested with poison oak,
poison ivy, poison sumac or other poisonous plants.
41.3.3. Persbns working in regions infested with poisonous
plants should keep as much of the body coveted as practicable, as
by wearing tight-fitting clothing, gauntlets and leggings.

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