Woodworking machines

14. Woodworking machines
14.1. General provisions
14.1.1. Woodworking machines should only be operated by
competent persons.
14.1.2. Operators of woodworking machines should not be
disturbed while the machine is working.
14.1.3. Operators of non-automatic woodworking machines
should not leave them without stopping them or enclosing the
14.1.4. Woodworking machines should not be adjusted or
cleared of jammed wood while they are working.
14.1.5. Shavings, sawdust, etc. should not be removed by
hand from woodworking machines or in their vicinity while the
machines are working.
14.1.6. Woodworking machines that use tools of widely
differing diameters should have a device for altering the speed of
14.1.7. If the speed of woodworking machines can be varied:
it should only be possible to start them at the lowest speed;
the operating speed should be indicated.
14.1.8. Workpieces should be firmly supported, or be securely
guided or clamped.
14.1.9. Free ends of long workpieces should be supported on
trestles, table extensions, etc.
14.1.10. Small or short workpieces should be guided, clamped
or pushed with a push stick.

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