Dangerous substances and radiations

21. Dangerous substances and radiations
21.1. General provisions
2111 Harmful atmospheric contaminants such as dusts,
fibres, fumes, gases and mists should be rendered harmless as near
their point of origin as practicable by removal, suppression or
other effective means.
21.1.2. When harmful atmospheric contaminants cannot be
rendered harmless, workers exposed to them should be provided
with respiratory protective equipment complying with the relevant
requirements of paragraphs 36.1.38 to 36.1.46.
21.1.3. Where necessary to prevent danger, the atmosphere
of workplaces should be tested for harmful contaminants at
suitable intervals by a competent person.
Confined spaces
21.1.4. No person should enter a confined space such as a
room, pit, shaft, sewer or tank in which it is reasonable to expect
that toxic, asphyxiating, flammable or other dangerous gases may
be present or may accumulate, or oxygen may be deficient, unless:
the atmosphere has been found to be safe after a suitable test
and such tests are repeated at suitable intervals; and
adequate ventilation is provided.
21.1.5. If the conditions in the preceding paragraph cannot
conveniently be fuffilled, persons may enter such spaces for
prescribed periods using a hose mask or self-contained breathing
21.1.6. While a worker is in a confined space:
adequate facilities should be readily available for rescuing
an attendant or attendants should be stationed at or near the
opening; and

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