30. Demolition
30.1. Preparatory work
30.1.1. Before demolition operations begin:
adequate inspection should be made; and
if necessary to prevent danger, unstable parts of the building
should be made secure.
30.1.2. Before demolition operations begin, the power on all
electric service lines should be shut off and the lines cut or discon-
nected at or outside the property line.
30.1.3. Before demolition operations begin, all gas, water
and steam service lines should be shut off and capped or otherwise
controlled at or outside the building line.
30.1.4. If it is necessary to maintain any electric power, water
or other service lines during demolition operations, they should be
adequately protected against damage.
30.1.5. The danger zone round the building should be ade-
quately fenced off or signposted.
30.2. General provisions on demolition operations
30.2.1. All demolition operations should be under the super-
vision of a competent person.
30.2.2. Demolition operations should only be carried out by
competent workers.
30.2.3. Demolition operations should begin by the removal of:
glass in doors, windows, etc.;
loose objects; and
projecting parts.
30.2.4. Workers should not be employed at different levels
unless adequate precautions are taken to ensure the safety of those
at lower levels.

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