Safety organisation

40 Safety organisation
4cM. General provisions
40.1.1. On all projects on which 25 or more workers are
regularly employed, the employer should appoint a safety officer
to be in charge of all matters relating to safety and hygiene on the
40.1.2. On all projects on which 250 or more workers are
regularly employed, the safety officer should be employed full
time on safety and health activities.
40.1.3. Safety committees should be established in any project
where the circumstances Warrant it.
40.1.4. Safety officers should compile an individual report
containing full information on the causes and circumstances of
every lost-time accident, minor accident and dangerous occurrence
with a view to preventing recurrences.
40.1.5. Copies of the report referred to in paragraph 40.1.4
should be sent to the management.
40.1.6. Safety officers or safety committees should:
consider circumstances and causes of all accidents occurring
on a project;
make recommendations to the employer for preventing the
occurrence or recurrence of accidents;
make periodical inspections of the work site and all its equip-
ment in the interests of safety and hygiene;
watch over the execution of particular measures taken for
the prevention of accidents;
watch over compliance with official regulations, instructions,
etc. relating to safety and hygiene;
endeavour to secure the co-operation of all workers in the
promotion of safety and hygiene;
participate in the drawing-up of the undertaking's safety rules;

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