Pile driving

24. Pile driving
24.1. General provisions
24.1.1. Pile drivers should be firmly supported on heavy
timber sills, concrete beds or other secure foundation.
24.1.2. If necessary to prevent danger, pile drivers should be
adequately guyed.
24.1.3. Precautions complying with the requirements of sec-
tion 17.8 should be taken if it is necessary to erect pile drivers in
dangerous proximity to electrical conductors.
24.1.4. If two pile drivers are erected at one place they should
be separated by a distance at least equal to the longest leg.
24.1.5. Access to working platforms and the top pulley should
be provided by ladders complying with the relevant requirements of
Chapter 4.
24.1.6. Working platforms and operator's working areas
should be adequately protected against the weather.
24.1.7. Winches used with pile drivers should comply with the
requirements of section 5.11.
24.1.8. When leads have to be inclined:
they should be adequately counterbalanced; and
the tilting device should be secured against slipping.
24.1.9. Steam or air lines should consist of armoured hose or
its equivalent.
24.1.10. Couplings of sections of hose should be additionally
secured by ropes or chains.
24.1.11. The hose of steam and air hammers should be securely
lashed to the hammer so as to prevent it from whipping if a con-
nection breaks.
24.1.12. Steam and air lines should be controlled by easily
accessible shut-off valves.

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