Hygiene and welfare

37. Hygiene and welfare
37.1. General provisions
37.1.1. Shelters, toilet facilities, washing facilities, meal rooms
and cloakrooms should:
be adequately lighted and ventilated;
if necessary for reasons of health or welfare, heated; and
maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.
37.1.2. In all cases, both underground and on the surface,
workers should be required to use only the sanitary facilities
37.2. Drinking water
37.2.1. An adequate supply of cool and wholesome drinking
water should be provided for and be readily accessible to all workers.
37.2.2. All drinking water should be from a source approved
by the competent health authority.
37.2.3. Where such water is not available, the competent
health authority should ensure that the necessary steps are taken
to make any water to be used for drinking fit for human consumption.
37.2.4. The use of common drinking cups should be prohibited.
37.2.5. Drinking water for common use, if stored, should only
be stored in closed containers from which the water should be
dispensed through taps or cocks.
37.2.6. Where practicable, hygienic drinking fountains should
be provided.
37.2.7. Supplies of water that is unfit to drink should be
conspicuously indicated by notices prohibiting workers from
drinking it.
37.2.8. There should be no means of connecting a supply of
drinking water with a supply of water that is unfit to drink.

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