Construction camps

39. Construction camps
39.1. General provisions
39.1.1. On construction sites employing considerable numbers
of workers at places remote from their hOmes or other suitable
living accommodation, employers should provide suitable accom-
39.1.2. The competent authority should be notified of the
opening of any construction camp.
39.1.3. Construction camps should be maintained in a good
state of repair, and in a clean and sanitary condition.
39.1.4. The employer should appoint a competent person to
be in charge of the camp and to be responsible for its proper
39.1.5. Camp sites should:
be properly drained;
be cleared of trees that might cause danger by falling;
be at a sufficient distance from animal pens, stables, sheds,
accumulations of refuse, manure or other offensive matter;
be at a safe distance from construction railways and roads;
be at an adequate distance from streams, lakes, springs,
wells and other watercoiirses, and from potential sources of
water pollution.
39.1.6. Living accommodation should be sufficient and
suitable, and, in particular:
the accommodation should be effectively protected from the
weather, ground moisture and vermin;
the sleeping quarters should be separate from the dining
there should be a sufficient supply of furniture and the neces-
sary utensils;

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