Transport, storage and handling of explosives

22. Transport, storage and handling of
22.1. General provisions
22.1.1. Only competent persons specially authorised for the
purpose should handle or use explosives.
22.1.2. Deteriorated or greasy explosives should not be used.
22.1.3. All explosives issued from a magazine should be
accounted for, and unused explosives should be returned to the
same magazine on the completion of the operation for which they
were drawn.
22.1.4. Workers storing, transporting or otherwise handling
explosives should not smoke or carry open lights.
22.2. Transport of explosives
General provisions
22.2.1. Road and rail vehicles used to transport explosives
be in good condition and running order;
have a tight wooden or non-sparking metal floor;
have sides and ends high enough to prevent the explosives
from falling out;
in the case of road vehicles, carry at least two suitable fire
extinguishers; and
be plainly marked by a red flag, lettering or otherwise to
indicate that they are carrying explosives.
22.2.2. Explosives being transported in vehicles should:
(a) not be transported together with metal, flammable or corrosive

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