20. Silos
20.1. Construction and equipment of silos
General provisions
20.1.1. Silos should:
be erected on adequate foundations; and
withstand the stresses to which they will be subjected without
any deformation of walls, floors or other load-bearing parts.
20.1.2. Lanes for trackless vehicles that drive under the
discharge openings or appliances should allow an adequate
clearance between the vehicles and the silo.
20.1.3. Traffic lanes under silos should be clearly and durably
marked with the maximum width and height of vehicles allowed
to use them.
20.1.4. All places in silos to which workers have to go should
be provided with safe means of access such as stairs, fixed ladders,
columns of iron rungs, gangways, boatswain's chairs or hoists
complying with the relevant requirements of this Code.
20.1.5. Inside silos there should be no structure or projection
that hinders the flow of material.
20.1.6. Facilities should be provided to enable the quantity
of material in the silo to be assessed without entering the silo.
20.1.7. In closed parts of silos, only heating appliances with
no open flames should be used.
20.1.8. If silos have electric lighting the switches and sockets
should be outside near the entrances.
20.1.9. On silos, notices should be conspicuously displayed:
containing details of the requirements for entry contained
in paragraph 20.2.2; and
calling attention to the danger of sinking in fine materials.

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