9.. Railways
9.1. Railways with locomotive haulage
Track, general requirements
9.1.1. Construction railway tracks should be so laid and
equipped with due regard to the gradients, curves, bearing capacity
of the ground and the weight and speed of the traffic that they
cannot cause danger.
9.1.2. All rails on which any locomotive, truck or wagon
moves should:
have an even running surface, be adequately supported and
be of adequate section;
be joined by fish-plates or double chairs, or other effective
be securely fastened to sleepers or bearers, or be provided
with other effective means of preventing any dangerous
variations in. the gauge;
be supported on a surface sufficiently firm to prevent dangerous
movement of the rails;
be laid in straight lines or in curves of radii such that locomo-
tives, trucks and wagons can move smoothly and safely; and
be provided with adequate stops or buffers at every track end.
9.1.3. Sidings should be provided with derailers to protect the
main track against runaways.
9.1.4. Turntables should be capable of being blocked.
9.1.5. Guard-rails should be provided at:
curves on bridges and trestles; and
9.1.6. As far as practicable, switch handles should move
parallel to the tracks.

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