Movement of vehicles on board ship

14. Movement of vehicles on board ship
14.1. Vehic'e movement control system
14.1.1. (1) A system of movement control of vehicles used in
loading and unloading ships should be effectively and continuously
(2) This plan should be prepared locally in full consultation with
all concerned.
14.2. Loading and unloading ramps
14.2.1. (1) The slope of a ramp should not exceed one in ten.
(2) Where loading or unloading of the ship takes place in tidal
waters, a suitable span link or floating bridge should be installed to
ensure that the ramp slope will not exceed that angle.
14.2.2. In the case of a ramp capable of carrying only one
vehicle at a time, precedence of movement on the ramp should be
given to a loaded vehicle.
14.2.3. If a ramp is capable of dealing with simultaneous two-
way traffic or there are two separate ramps in use, the directions of
traffic should be clearly marked by arrows of sufficient size which
should be illuminated when loading or unloading takes place at
night or in poor light.
14.2.4. (1) The ramp should be protected to prevent a vehicle
or a person from falling from its sides.
(2) A ship's ramp should fit into an area so protected.
14.3. Tractors
14.3.1. (1) Tractors used for towing trailers should
(a) be suitable for the trailers; and:

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