Safety and health organisation

32. Safety and health organisation
32.1. General provisions
32.1.1. Besides ensuring that, by adequate systems of inspection
or other means, regulations and instructions in regard to safety and
health are observed, the competent authority should take all neces-
sary steps to promote the co-operation of employers and dock-
workers in achieving the best possible conditions of safety and health
in dock work in its widest sense.
32.1.2. Safety committees on which all parties concerned are
represented should be formed in each undertaking to promote safety
and health activities.
32.1.3. (1) The scope of safety committees should be deter-
mined according to local circumstances.
(2) Their functions should as a rule be as follows:
the drawing up of rules for the guidance of workers in carrying
out the respective operations in a safe manner and the modifica-
tion of these rules in the light of experience;
the consideration of suggestions for improving methods of work
in order to ensure greater safety and bringing suggestions, which
have been approved, to the notice of the persons concerned so
that they may be implemented;
the consideration of reports made after the investigation of
accidents; and
the preparation of safety leaflets, posters, etc., drawing attention
to particular hazards.
32.1.4. (1) Records should be kept of all occupational accidents
and cases of occupational disease affecting dockworkers.
(2) These records should be in such a form as to provide
(a) the occupational accident and disease experience of each depart-
ment, occupation and individual; and

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