Dock railways

25 Dock railways
25.1. General provisions
25.1.1. Dock railways should be constructed, equipped, main-
tained and operated in accordance with the relevant provisions of
safety rules governing railways of the national system.
25.1.2. Sufficient clearance to ensure safety should be allowed
between structures or piles of material and railway tracks.
25.1.3. Where buildings have doorways opening directly on to
dock railway tracks, at blind corners or at other places where the
field of vision is particularly restricted, workers should be protected
against stepping on to the tracks in front of moving vehicles by
suitable warning signs and, where practicable, by fixed detour railings
across the direct path so installed as to ensure safe clearance for
trainmen riding on cars.
25.1.4. Ground levers working points should be so placed that
persons working them are clear of adjacent lines and as little obstruc-
tion as possible is caused to persons employed.
25.1.5. Where necessary to prevent danger, point rods and signal
wires should be sufficiently covered or otherwise guarded.
25.1.6. Warning signs and obstruction guards on dock railways
should be made conspicuous by painting, for example with alterna-
ting black and yellow stripes.
25.1.7. Where dock railways are operated during hours of
darkness, all warning signs and obstruction guards should be
25.1.8. Locomotive drivers should act only on signals given by
an authorised person; provided that stop signals should always be
acted on, irrespective of their source.
25.1.9. Locomotive warning devices should be actuated before
setting standing locomotives or trains in motion and when approach-
ing level crossings and hazardous places.

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