General provisions

1. General provisions
1.1. befinitions
1.1.1. For the purposes of this code, unless otherwise noted
"dock work" means and includes all or any part of the work, or
those duties associated with the work, performed on shore or on
board ship, of loading or unloading any ship whether engaged in
maritime or inland navigation, excluding ships of war, in, on or
at any maritime or inland port, harbour, dock, wharf, quay or
similar place at which such work is carried on;
the "coefficient of utilisation" (formerly known as the "factor of
safety") is the numerical value obtained by dividing the minimum
breaking load or tension of an item of equipment by its certified
safe working load;
the "competent authority" is a minister, government department
or other authority empowered to issue regulations, orders, or
other instructions having the force of law;
a "competent person" is a person who has been approved as
qualified by training or experience to perform a task or function
or assume a responsibility in a manner that will prevent danger
as far as is practicable;
"flameproof" ("explosion-proof") denotes a method of con-
struction such that explosions occurring within a machine or
piece of electrical gear cannot be transmitted outside its
a "heavy lift derrick" is a ship's derrick that is specially rigged
for use from time to time in order to lift weights greater than the
safe working load of the ship's light or general purpose lift gear;
an "intermodal container" is a rigid, rectangular, re-usable cargo
container intended to contain bulk commodities or one or more
articles of cargo for shipment aboard a vessel, and capable of
utilisation for this purpose by one or more other means of
transport without intermediate reloading; the term includes

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