Wire rope

9. Wire rope
9.1. Certification
9.1.1. No wire rope should be used unless
it has been made to a recognised national or international
standard or alternatively to the requirements of a classification
its minimum breaking load is certified by the maker; and
its construction is suitable for the purpose for which it is used.
9.2. Minimum breaking load
9.2.1. (1) The guaranteed minimum breaking load should not
be less than the product of the safe working load and a factor known
as the coefficient of utilisation.
(2) The coefficient of utilisation should be determined in accord-
ance with the requirements of Appendix E.
9.3. Gatvanised rope
9.3.1. Wire rope used for a ship's derrick should be galvanised
in accordance with a recognised national or international standard.
9.4. Paying out
9.4.1. (1) Great care should be taken when a wire rope is paid
out from a reel.
(2) The length of rope required for the particular use should be
taken from the reel or coil either by mounting the reel or coil on a
turntable or by rolling the reel along the dock surface or deck after
the latter has been suitably cleaned and cleared as necessary.

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