Stacking and storage of goods

23. Stacking and storage of goods
23.1. General provisions
23.1.1. The method of stacking or storage of goods should be
determined by
the availability of mechanical handling equipment;
the length of the transit period; and
the space available.
23.1.2. Where possible, cargo should be arranged
as complete pallet loads; or
on pallet racking.
23.1,3. When locating storage areas, consideration should be
given to
permissible floor loading in buildings; and
the presence of underground sewers or culverts.
23.1.4. Stacks of stored goods should be broken down sys-
tematically from the top tier in order to ensure stability of the main
body of the stack.
23.1.5. (1) The shape and relative fragility of the article should
be considered when the stack is being built up.
Long thin articles (other than timber) should be stored in
horizontal racks.
Box-shaped articles should be built into a stack with suitable
Cylindrical articles may be stored on end or on their sides.
When cylindrical articles are stored on their sides, the floor-
level tier should be properly chocked to prevent movement.
23.1.6. (1) Dunnage should be used as appropriate under
articles that are to be loaded or unloaded by fork-lift trucks or other
lifting devices.

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