Personnel facilities

30. Personnel facilities
30.1. General provisions
30.1.1. Toilet facilities, washing facilities, cloakrooms, mess
rooms, canteens, hiring halls, waiting rooms and other personal
service rooms should
be suitably situated, dimensioned, constructed, enclosed and
equipped for their purpose;
have floors, walls and ceilings that are easy to clean;
be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and protected
against rats and other vermin; and
be well ventilated and lighted and, if necessary, heated.
30.2. Drinking water
30.2.1. An adequate supply of cool and wholesome drinking
water should be provided for and be readily accessible to all dock-
30.2.2. (1) All water furnished for drinking purposes should be
from a source approved by the competent health authority and
controlled in the manner prescribed by this authority.
(2) Where such water is not available, the competent health
authority should furnish the necessary directions for rendering the
water safe for human consumption.
30.2.3. The use of common drinking cups should be prohibited.
30.2.4. Drinking water for common use should not be contained
in barrels, pails, tanks or other containers from which the water
must be dipped, whether they are fitted with a cover or not.
30.2.5. Where practicable, hygienic drinking fountains should
be provided.
30.2.6. Where water provided for use in dock work, including
fire protection, is unsuitable for drinking purposes, conspicuous

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