Personal protective equipment

27. Personal protective equipment
27.1. General provisions
27.1.1. (1) Where other means of protection against harmful
agents are impracticable or insufficient, dockworkers should be pro-
vided with adequate protective clothing and personal protective
equipment to shield them from the effects of such agents.
(2) Protective clothing and personal protective equipment should
at least conform to any national standards that may be applicable.
27.1.2. Dockworkers should be instructed in the use of pro-
tective clothing and personal protective equipment provided.
27.1.3. Dockworkers should make proper use of, and take
proper care of, the protective clothing and personal protective equip-
ment provided.
27.1.4. Protective clothing and equipment should be cleaned at
suitable intervals and properly maintained.
27.1.5. Where protective clothing and equipment may be con-
taminated by poisonous or other dangerous substances, it should be
stored in separate accommodation where it will not contaminate the
workers' clothing.
27.1.6. Before being issued, personal protective equipment that
comes into contact with the skin should be washed and disinfected.
27.1.7. Suitable protection for the skin, such as barrier creams
and coverings, should be provided when there is a risk of the skin
coming into contact with materials having an injurious or penetra-
tive effect on it.
27.1.8. Suitable protection, such as disinfectants and skin
coverings, should be provided against the danger of infection when
parts of animals which may be infected are handled.
27.1.9. Suitable breathing apparatus, helmets or respirators
acceptable to the competent authority should be provided as pro-

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