Flat belt slings

22. Flat belt slings
22.1. General provisions
22.1.1. For general use, the width of the belt should not be
greater than 30 cm or less than 50 mm; however, purpose-designed
slings of width greater than 30 cm are not precluded.
22.1.2. The minimum length of a soft eye measured internally
when the belt is laid flat should not be less than 22.5 cm.
22.1.3. The sling should be made of man-made fibre; if the
sling is treated with any substance with the object of increasing its
resistance to abrasion, the substance should be compatible with the
man-made fibre used.
22.1.4. Where the sling is likely to be exposed to prolonged
bright sunshine, the material should be suitably stabilised against
degradation by ultra-violet light.
22.1.5. The stitching material should be of the same man-made
yarn as the sling and the join should be such that, so far as is prac-
ticable, the load is distributed equally across the width of the belt.
22.1.6. The sling should be made to an approved manufacturer's
standard, including quality control and reliability tests of samples
taken from production batches.
22.1.7. The manufacturer or his accredited supplier should
supply with each sling or batch of the same type of sling a certificate
incorporating the following items:
a declaration that the sling will not break at less than six times
its safe working load;
the safe working load of the sling in straight lift;
the distinguishing mark of each sling to relate it to the certificate;
the belt and stitching material from which the sling is made; and
a mark to indicate that it has been made to an approved standard.

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