Vacuum lifting devices

17 Vacuum lifting devices1
17.1. Measuring, warning and pressure-reducing equipment
17.1.1. (1) Every vacuum lifting device should be fitted with a
suitable vacuum gauge or other device that
gives the driver of the lifting appliance of which it forms a part
a visual indication of the state of the vacuum at any time;
is of sufficient size and located in a position such that the gauge
reading may be easily read at the attachment and release
positions of the load; and
is distinctively marked with a red mark to indicate the lowest
vacuum below which the appliance should not be used.
Every vacuum lifting device should be fitted with a device that
gives an audible warning to the driver and any person working in the
vicinity at ground level when the vacuum is 80 per cent or less of the
designed working vacuum, and/or if the vacuum-inducing pump
ceases to operate.
Every vacuum lifting device should be fitted with means
which, in the event of failure of the vacuum-inducing pump, will
maintain sufficient vacuum to continue to support the load suspended
for a sufficient time, including a safety margin, for that load to be
safely deposited from the maximum height of lift of the lifting
appliance to the level of the dock side.
17.2. Vacuum hoses
17.2.1. Every vacuum hose should be of a type suitable for the
17.3. Use
17.3.1. A vacuum device should be used only on cargo that is
'See also section 4.2 and Chapters 9 and 20, which are applicable.

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