2. Docks
2.1. Surface
2.1.1. Any regular approach over a dock should be maintained
with due regard to the safety of persons and equipment used by
2.1.2. The surface should be
properly drained to remove rainwater so far as is practicable;
kept free from any depressions or holes and raised parts such as
kerbs apt to be a danger to any person or to any vehicle or
lifting appliance;
of adequate strength for the wheel loading of any vehicle or
lifting appliance where such vehicles or appliances are used or
apt to be used;
as level as is reasonably practicable;
kept free, so far as is reasonably practicable, of any substance
apt to make a foothold insecure or to impair the handling of any
mechanical equipment.
2.1.3. Any part of the dock surface that is under repair should
be suitably barricaded or flagged off, and provided with a flashing
warning or other suitable light if the dock is used at night.
2.1.4. Any ramp or slope that is used by, or apt to be used by,
a fork-lift truck or other vehicle the safety of which depends upon its
stability should have a gradient not exceeding 1 in 10 unless the truck
or other vehicle has been specially designed or derated to suit any
greater gradient.
2.1.5. Any permanent obstruction such as a lighting standard,
crane track stanchion or other fixture likely to be a hazard to
vehicles should be
(a) clearly marked in alternating black and yellow stripes to a height
of at least 2 m or as high as is practicable; and

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