Medical aid

28 Medical aid
28.1. General provisions
28.1.1. Except in emergencies, first aid in case of accident or
sudden illness should be rendered only by a medical doctor, a nurse
or a person trained in first aid and possessing a first-aid certificate
acceptable to the competent authority.
28.1.2. Adequate means and personnel for rendering first aid
should be readily available during working hours at places where
dock work is carried on.
28.1.3. Severely injured persons should not be moved before the
arrival of a doctor or other qualified person except for the purpose
of removing them from a dangerous place.
28.1.4. All injuries, however slight, should be reported as soon
as possible to the nearest first-aid man or room.
28.2. First-aid boxes
28.2.1. One or more first-aid boxes should be provided at
suitable places near workplaces and be protected against con-
tamination by dust, moisture, etc.
28.2.2. (1) First-aid boxes should contain adequate material for
rendering first aid to dockworkers.
The contents of first-aid boxes should comply with the
relevant provisions of national regulations or standards.
First-aid boxes should not contain anything beside material
for first aid.
28.2.3. First-aid boxes should contain simple and clear instruc-
tions to be followed in emergencies.
28.2.4. First-aid boxes should if necessary be replenished after
each occasion of use.

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