Miscellaneous provisions

33. Miscellaneous provisions
33.1. Reporting arid investigation of
occupational accidents and diseases
33.1.1. All occupational accidents to dockworkers causing loss
of life or serious personal injury should be notified forthwith to the
competent authority.
33.1.2. Other occupational injuries and occupational diseases
causing incapacity for work for three days or more should be notified
the the competent authority within such time and in such form as
may be specified in national regulations.
33.1.3. Such accidents as may be specified in national regula-
tions or by the competent authority (for example explosions, collapse
of cranes or derricks or serious fires) should be notified forthwith to
the competent authority, whether any personal injury has been
caused or not.
33.1.4. The competent authority should undertake an investiga-
tion into the causes and circumstances of any accident mentioned in
paragraph 33.1.1 or paragraph 33.1.3.
33.1.5. When a fatal accident has occurred, the scene of the
accident should as far as practicable be left undisturbed until it has
been visited by a representative of the competent authority.
33.1.6. If a dangerous failure of plant or gear has occurred, the
plant or gear concerned should as far as practicable be kept available
until inspected by the competent authority.
33.2. Berthing and shifting ships
33.2.1. While ships are being berthed or shifted, no work should
as a rule be done by dockworkers in the holds, at the hatches or with
the loading and unloading machinery and gear.
33.2.2. When ships are being moored, workers should keep clear
of the mooring ropes and, in particular, should not stand in the
bights of ropes being hauled by capstans.

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