Ship's cargo lifts

13 Ship's cargo lifts1
13.1. Controls
13.1.1. A cargo lift should have controls that are
of the "dead man's" type;
of the fail-safe type;
so arranged, if fitted at each deck level, that only the controls on
any one deck can be operated at a time; and
so placed that-
the operator is not in danger either from the lift or from
vehicles or other moving objects on that deck; and
the operator is able to see the whole of the lift platform
working surface at all times.
13.1.2. An independent emergency stop control should be fitted
in a prominent position among or near the other controls.
13.2. Platform trip device
13.2.1. (1) A suitable trip device should be fitted beneath each
side and end of the platform and beneath each side and end of each
deck opening provided for the lift.
(2) When actuated, the trip device should be capable of promptly
stopping movement of the platform so as to prevent as far as prac-
ticable any person, vehicle or cargo from being trapped.
13.3. Deck openings for cargo lift platforms
13.3.1. Each opening in a deck provided for a cargo lift platform
should be protected by barriers that are
(a) substantial and of a height of not less than 1 m above deck level
1See also section 4.2, which is applicable.

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