Occupational health services

29. Occupational health services
29.1. General provisions
29.1.1. There should be either a special medical service for
dockworkers or an occupational health service that is available to
29.1.2. Medical or occupational health services for, or available
to, dockworkers should have the following functions:
provision of first aid and emergency treatment;
provision of pre-employment, periodical and special medical
periodical training of first-aid personnel;
surveillance of, and advice on, all conditions at workplaces and
facilities that affect the health of dockworkers;
promotion of health education among dockworkers; and
co-operation with the competent authority in the detection,
measurement and evaluation of chemical, physical or biological
factors suspected of being harmful.
29.1.3. The medical service should collaborate with labour
inspection (especially medical inspection) services and services con-
cerned with treatment, job placement, accident prevention and
29.1.4. The medical service should be directed by a doctor
specialising in occupational health and should be provided with an
adequate staff of nurses and, if necessary, laboratory and clerical
29.1.5. Nurses employed in the medical service should possess
a certificate of proficiency acceptable to the competent authority.
29.1.6. The premises occupied by the medical service should be
at ground level, be conveniently accessible from all workplaces, be
so designed as to allow stretcher cases to be handled easily and, so far
as practicable, not be exposed to excessive noise.

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