24. Warehouses
24.1. General provisions
24.1.1. The floor of any warehouse should comply with the
requirements of section 2.1 so far as appropriate.
24.1.2. (1) Stacks should be laid out in an orderly fashion with
aisles of sufficient width to permit the safe use of fork-lift trucks and
other vehicles handling goods.
(2) The aisles should be clearly marked by continuous yellow
24.1.3. So far as is practicable
a system of one-way traffic or a circular route should be estab-
lished and be clearly indicated by signs;
main traffic lanes should be clearly marked;
traffic should be properly controlled; and
traffic lanes should be kept clear of obstructions such as cargo,
dunnage, gear and equipment.
24.1.4. Where pedestrian lanes cross traffic lines, suitable warn-
ing signs should be posted for both pedestrians and vehicle drivers
and the crossing should be marked with alternating black and
yellow stripes.
24.1.5. (1) The maximum load per unit area to be carried by
any floor and the maximum gross weight of any vehicle that may be
used on any such floor should be marked.
(2) These maximum loads should not be exceeded.
24.1.6. When work is proceeding on a high stack, warning
notices should be displayed and adequate measures taken for the
safety of persons passing below.
24.1.7. (1) Where there is danger from overhead bare crane
conductor wires, from other electrical equipment, or of trapping by
overhead gantries, these hazards should either be properly guarded

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