Monitoring and review

5. Monitoring and review
Periodic reviews should be conducted to determine the effectiveness of the workplace
violence management system in controlling and preventing workplace violence. The
reviews should be conducted by competent persons, and the results of the reviews
communicated to the affected parties.
5.1. Monitoring and evaluation of workplace
violence prevention policies
The employer should, in cooperation with the workers and their representatives,
evaluate the effectiveness of workplace violence prevention policies. This should include:
regular monitoring of the results of measures introduced;
developing criteria for evaluation and receiving regular feedback to check how well
the policies and measures are working, and to make modifications as necessary;
organizing periodical joint meetings of management and workers to discuss the
measures put in place;
reviewing the management plan on a regular basis, including the assessment of policy
5.2. Organizational learning on issues
related to violence
The employer should, in cooperation with the workers and their representatives,
develop a strategic learning process on issues relating to workplace violence that includes:
learning from the lessons gained from the design, implementation and evaluation of
workplace policies;
reassessing the workplace culture, work organization and the quality of the work
environment to effectively respond to workplace violence;
activating a risk management cycle that makes the elimination of workplace violence
and the improvement of the work environment an ongoing process within the
Such an approach could also contribute to enhancing quality of service, productivity
and decent work.

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