Notices and operating instructions

Bil. Notices and operating instructions
B11.1. General
B1l.1.1. All plates and notices, including those bearing oper-
ating instructions, should be untearable, of durable material, placed
in a conspicuous position and inscribed in easily legible lettering
in the language of the country where the lift is installed (or in
several languages if the national regulations so require).
B11.2. In the car and at landings
Bi 1.2.1. An indication of the contract load of the lift (in
units of mass) should be affixed to the inside of the car and at
each landing. Except for lifts of very small size, there should
also be a notice reading: "Service LiftNot for Persons".
Bi 1.2.2. Operating and safety instructions should be affixed
to the inside of the car or at each landing whenever this appears
useful. In particular, in the case of a lift without a car door it
should be indicated that the goods loaded should be kept clear
of the wall of the well.
B11.3. In machine and pulley spaces
Bi 1.3.1. On doors or trapdoors giving access to machines
and pulleys, notices should be affixed reading: "Lift Machinery-
DangerNo Admittance to Unauthorised Persons".
Bi 1.3.2. Instructions to be followed in the event of a break-
down should be affixed in machine spaces or inside enclosures or
B11.4. On the outside of the well enclosure
B11.4.1. Near the well inspection doors, notices should be
affixed reading: "DangerLift Well".

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