Lift maintenance and inspection

B12. Lift maintenance and inspection
B12.1. Maintenance
B12.1.1. Lifts should be regularly maintained by competent
B12.2. Inspection
B12,2.l. (1) Lifts should be inspected before being put into
service, and at regular intervals thereafter.
(2) These inspections, if not carried out by a public authority,
should be carried out by a body or person licensed by the public
authorities (when such licensing exists in the country concerned),
such body or person to be as far as possible independent of the
manufacturer and of the organisation in charge of the maintenance.
B12.3. Register
B 12.3.1. The specifications of the lift should be entered in
a register to which should be appended the layout drawings and
the electric wiring diagrams.
B 12.3.2. The dates and findings of the inspections mentioned
in B12.2 should be entered in the register.
B12.3.3. The register should be in the keeping of the organi-
sation in charge of the maintenance.
B12.3.4. A copy of the register or part thereof should be
given to the owner of the lift on request.

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