Machine and pulley spaces

B2. Machine and pulley spaces
B2.1. General
E2.l.1. With regard to machine spaces, B2.2 and B2.3 are
based on the assumption that the lift machine is located inside the
well or in a small compartment. When this is not the case the
provisions of A2 are applicable.
B2.l.2. With regard to pulley spaces, B2.2 and B2.3 (except
B2.3.l, B2.3.4, B2.3.5 and B2.3.6) are applicable on the basis of the
same assumption as is made in respect of machine spaces.
B2.2. Accessibility
B2.2. 1. Access from the street to the spaces where the machines
and their control gear are located should be easy and perfectly safe
even in bad weather. In particular such access should conform to
the recommendations issued on this subject in the Model Code of
Safety Regulations for Industrial Establishments published by the
International Labour Office, and to national laws and regulations
relating to occupational safety.
B2.2.2. (1) The access of personnel to the spaces where the
machines and their control gear are located should preferably be
entirely by way of stairs.
(2) If that is impossible, ladders may be used which meet the
following requirements:
they should not be apt either to slip or to turn over;
if they are not fixed, their slope in position of use should not
exceed 600 to the horizontal;
they should be used exclusively for the purpose in question
and should always be kept available nearby. The necessary
arrangements (e.g. padlocking) should be made to ensure this;

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