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  • The IP behind the AI boom

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to transform our lives. But what exactly is AI, and what are the techniques and applications driving innovation in this area? James Nurton looks at insights provided by the flagship WIPO Technology Trends series which focuses on innovation trends in AI.

  • Elaphe: driving the development of electric vehicles

    Gorazd Gotovac, Chief Technology Officer of Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, a Slovenian company based in Lubljana, talks about the company’s pioneering in-wheel motor technology and the role that innovation and intellectual property plays in its business strategy.

  • Worldwide activities on licensing issues relation to standard essential patents

    Thanks to technical standards, modern-day electronic devices are interoperable. Find out how different government agencies around the world are approaching issues surrounding the licensing of patents covering portions of these standards (i.e. standard essential patents (SEPs).

  • Eurasian Patent Office set to extend its operations
  • Protecting rainforest-derived technology equitably

    The Emberá use the juice of the fruit of the jagua to paint their bodies for ritual and other purposes. The company, Ecoflora Cares specializes in natural color technology and has created a blue powder from the same juice for use in coloring food and other products. It is committed to ensuring the Emberá share in benefits derived from its commercialization.

  • An expanding role for IP offices in alternative dispute resolution
  • UPOV: supporting food security with plant variety protection

    The International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) helps encourage the development of the new varieties of plants required for food security and agricultural sustainability. Its new online tool, UPOV PRISMA makes plant variety protection much easier.

  • Creative industries in the platform economy

    The digital revolution has dramatically changed the creative landscape, generating opportunities for some and challenges for others. And in the face of falling revenues, rampant online piracy and fake news, the dominance of tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Spotify is the source of growing concern. Sangeet Choudary is a leading expert on the so-called platform economy and has written extensively on the impact of platforms on businesses, the economy and society. Mr. Choudary recently shared his views with WIPO Magazine on what the rise of the platform economy means for the creative sector.

  • WIPO hosts first IP Judges Forum

    In November 2018, WIPO welcomed 120 judges from 64 countries to the inaugural session of the Intellectual Property Judges Forum at its headquarters in Geneva. The event took place in the context of the Organization’s new orientation toward promoting the exchange of experiences and information among judges who handle intellectual property (IP) disputes, especially those related to the evolving business realities of the digital economy. Judges with many years of experience, as well as those with more recent exposure to adjudicating IP disputes, took part in the Forum.

  • The role of patents in the history of aviation

    This article is derived from the World Intellectual Property Report 2015 – Breakthrough Innovation and Economic Growth The history of how a heavier-than-air machine took flight is replete with tales of fearless inventors, daredevils and dream chasers. It is also full of stories of meticulous and repetitive experimentation, advanced calculus and reliance on hard science. Government, too, played a decisive role in the airplane’s development, in particular during the two World Wars.

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