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  • WIPO hosts first IP Judges Forum

    In November 2018, WIPO welcomed 120 judges from 64 countries to the inaugural session of the Intellectual Property Judges Forum at its headquarters in Geneva. The event took place in the context of the Organization’s new orientation toward promoting the exchange of experiences and information among judges who handle intellectual property (IP) disputes, especially those related to the evolving business realities of the digital economy. Judges with many years of experience, as well as those with more recent exposure to adjudicating IP disputes, took part in the Forum.

  • The role of patents in the history of aviation

    This article is derived from the World Intellectual Property Report 2015 – Breakthrough Innovation and Economic Growth The history of how a heavier-than-air machine took flight is replete with tales of fearless inventors, daredevils and dream chasers. It is also full of stories of meticulous and repetitive experimentation, advanced calculus and reliance on hard science. Government, too, played a decisive role in the airplane’s development, in particular during the two World Wars.

  • Wafrica: exploring identity through design

    In the late 2000s, the Cameroonian-born designer Serge Mouangue, Founder and Art Director of Wafrica, left the world of industrial design and concept cars to embark on a journey to create a new aesthetic narrative, one that questions the idea of origin and identity through artistic design. Intrigued by his experience as an African living in Japan, and the similarities between the cultures of Japan and West Africa, he set about creating a new aesthetic, one that fuses the elegance and sophistication of Japanese cultural icons with the vibrant colors and flamboyance of West Africa. The designer talks about his work and why it is so important for creators to use the intellectual property (IP) system to protect their work.

  • Innovating for the whole world: IP’s role in development

    What could intellectual property (IP) possibly have to do with helping the poorest people in the world’s least developed countries? At first blush, the concepts of IP and development seem diametrically opposed. IP is often regarded as the manifestation of sophisticated legal infrastructures created by wealthy nations to incentivize innovation and mobilize advanced economies.

  • The United States modernizes its music licensing system

    Twenty eighteen has been an historic year for copyright law in the United States. In addition to enacting the Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act in October, the United States has passed sweeping legislation to transform its licensing system for musical works and to provide, for the very first time, federal remedies for unauthorized uses of pre-1972 sound recordings. The updates enacted through the Orrin G. Hatch-Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act (MMA) represent the most significant changes to US copyright law since the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998.

  • Plain packaging of tobacco products: landmark ruling

    In 2011, Australia passed landmark legislation to introduce the plain packaging of tobacco products. At that time, Australia’s Minister of Health and Ageing, Honorable Nicola Roxon, explained that the Government of Australia was “absolutely committed” to reducing smoking-related disease and death. “We want to help protect Australians. That is why we are prepared to lead the world on tackling smoking. Once enacted, these plain packaging laws will be the world's toughest laws on tobacco promotion,” she said.

  • Gulf Cooperation Council Patent Office offers fast-track patent grant procedures

    The Patent Office of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC PO) continues to advance its ambitious plans to offer its clients a reliable, high-quality, fast-track means of obtaining patent rights.

  • Creative industries in the platform economy

    The digital revolution has dramatically changed the creative landscape, generating opportunities for some and challenges for others. And in the face of falling revenues, rampant online piracy and fake news, the dominance of tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Spotify is the source of growing concern. Sangeet Choudary is a leading expert on the so-called platform economy and has written extensively on the impact of platforms on businesses, the economy and society. Mr. Choudary recently shared his views with WIPO Magazine on what the rise of the platform economy means for the creative sector.

  • Artificial intelligence and intellectual property: an interview with Francis Gurry

    Ahead of the 2018 meetings of WIPO’s Assemblies, WIPO Director General Francis Gurry shares his views on the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) for intellectual property (IP) law and policy and its use in the administration of IP systems around the world.

  • Bringing AI to life

    Sophia the Robot, the humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics, has become a global cultural icon. Her maker, David Hanson, CEO and Founder of Hanson Robotics, shares his vision of a future built around superintelligence.

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