Artificial intelligence: the new electricity

AuthorCatherine Jewell
PositionPublications Division, WIPO
2 June 2019
the new electricity
By Catherine Jew ell,
Publications D ivision, WI PO
The British-born computer scientist, Andrew Ng, is a
leading thinker on articia l intelligence (AI) and has been
a pioneer in its application for many years. He founded
the Google Brain project, served as Chief Scientist at
Baidu, and co-founded the online learning platform,
Coursera. Today, in addition to his academic work at
Stanford University (USA), Mr. Ng is heading up two
startups: Landing AI, which works with enterprises to
adopt AI, and deeplearnin, an AI education company.
Mr.Ng recently spoke with WIPO Magazine about the
transformative power of AI, and the measures required
to ensure that AI benets everyone.
Why is AI a ttracting so much atten tion?
AI is the new electricity. It will transfor m every industry and
create huge economic value. Technology like supervised
learning is automation on steroids. It is very good at auto-
mating tasks and will have an impact on every s ector – from
healthcare to manufacturi ng, logistics and retail.
“For AI to reach it s full potent ial, government s
should be thoug htful about prot ecting citiz ens,
while al so creating room for t he positive
innovation th at AI can brin g,” says Andrew Ng .
Photo: © NVIDIA Corporation

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