Every mine shall keep accurate and adequate plans showing
separately for each seam worked particulars of all the workings
and such other particulars of use from the safety standpoint as
may be specified in national laws or regulations.
One copy of the plans shall be kept by the mine operator
and another should be communicated to the competent authority
once a year, or at such other intervals as it may require, after
being brought up to date.
(1) All mine plans shall be brought up to date at regular
intervals, to be specified in national laws or regulations.
(2) No mine or part of a mine shall be abandoned before
the mine plans have been brought up to date in agreement with
the competent authority, who shall be notified of the abandon-
ment as required by Regulation 2, paragraph 5.
(3) The requirements of subparagraph (2) shall not apply if
the abandonment results from an unforeseen emergency that makes
access to such workings impossible or highly dangerous; in such
case the mine plans shall be supplemented as far as possible from
indications furnished by the manager.
(1) At every mine a duly certificated surveyor 1 shall be
responsible for the accuracy of all statutory mine plans.
(2) If mine plans are found deficient by the competent
authority, this authority shall be empowered to have the mine
surveyed and to have fresh plans prepared at the expense of the
mine operator.
1 " Surveyor " is equivalent to " mining engineer ".

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