In this Code the following terms have the meanings hereby
assigned to them:
(a) the term " national laws or regulations " includes laws and
regulations, orders and decrees having the force of law issued
by a competent authority;
(b) the term " competent authority " means a Minister, Govern-
ment department, or other public authority having powers
to issue regulations, orders, decrees, or other instructions
having the force of law in respect of safety in coal mines;
(c) the term " mine " includes all underground excavations with
shafts or other entrances, slopes, levels, drifts, and other
roadways and workings for the extraction of coal, with winding
(hoisting), haulage, ventilating and other equipment on the
mine premises for generating and transmitting energy used
underground, and every shaft in the course of being sunk,
and every incline or level in the course of being driven from
the surface.
A mine is to be considered as a distinct mine if it has
a separate system of ventilation and is operated as a unit:
Provided that two or more adjoining mines, which have
. separate systems of ventilation but are worked by the same
operator under one general management, may be considered
as one mine by the competent authority for the purposes of
certain provisions of this Code, in particular those contained
in Chapters XIX-XXIII;
(d) the term " mine operator " means any person or body corporate
who is the immediate proprietor or lessee, concessionaire,
or occupier of any mine or of any part
his agent;
(e) the term " manager " means a duly qualified and appointed
person legally responsible for the management and technical
direction of the mine, whether he is the mine operator or a
person appointed by him;

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