Machine and pulley rooms

A2. Machine and pulley rooms
A2.1. General
A2. 1.1. Normally machines, their control gear and pulleys
should be accessible only to maintenance personnel.
A2. 1.2. Machines, their control gear and pulleys should be
in special rooms.
However, in the case of lifts in industrial establishments,
machines, their control gear and pulleys may be located in rooms that
are also used for other purposes and are in parts of the building
accessible only to personnel of the establishment. In that case
machines, their control gear and pulleys should be separated from the
remaining part of those rooms by:
(a covers locked by key; or
(b) enclosures with access doors locked by key.
There need be no floor under the pulleys; in that case the top
of the well is to be regarded as constituting a pulley room.
A2.1.3. (1) In no circumstances should machine and pulley
rooms be used for purposes other than those relating to lifts: they
should contain no tubing or other parts that are not connected with
the maintenance and operation of lifts. (It is permissible for these
rooms to contain equipment for their own heating.)
(2) The same requirements should apply to the covers and
enclosures mentioned in A2.1.2 (1).
A2.1.4. A machine room should preferably be above the well.
A2.2. Accessibility
A2.2.1. Access from the street to the interior of the premises
housing the machines, their control gear or the pulleys should be

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