Lift well

Al. Lift weH
A1.1. General
Al.1.1. This section applies to wells containing one or more
lift cars.
Al .1.2. The counterweight of a lift should preferably be in
the same well as the car.
A1.2. Enclosure of the well
Al.2.l. (1) Each well should be totally enclosed by imper-
forate walls, as defined in A1.6.
(2) The only permissible openings should be:
landing doors (see A3);
inspection and emergency doors giving access to the well,
and inspection trapdoors giving access to the well from the
machine room (Al .3);
openings to allow the venting of gases and smoke in the event
of fire (Al.4);
ventilation openings (A1.5); and
permanent openings between the well and the machine or
pulley room.
Passenger and
goods Iifts*
* It will be recalled that the meaning attached to words or expressions
followed by an asterisk is defined under 2.0.1 above.

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