Controls; priorities

AlO. Controls; priorities
A1O.1. Control of movement
AlO.1.l. The movement of the car should be controlled
AlO.l.2. (1) In general the controls should take the form of
push buttons. The buttons should be encased so that no live part
is accessible.
(2) The use of a manually operated car control may be per-
mitted if all three of the following requirements are met:
movement of the lift car is possible only when a key is inserted
in a lock within the car, this key to be in the possession of a
person who has received the necessary instructions;
the direction of movement of the car is clearly indicated; and
the car control returns to the neutral position automatically.
(3) In some cases (e.g. for passenger lifts) the controls are
entirely automatic. In such a case an acoustic signal should
draw the users' attention to the closing of the doors.
AlO.l.3. To facilitate inspection and maintenance the installa-
tion of a control device on the car roof should be recommended.
All of the following five requirements should be met:
it should be possible to operate the device only after all
normal controls have been isolated;
the movement of the car should be conditional on the applica-
tion of continuous pressure on a button protected against any
involuntary action;
it should not be possible for the car to move at a speed
exceeding l7Oft per minute (O.85m/s);
all safety devices should remain effective; and

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