Conflict of Laws

AuthorRachel V. Rose - Jonathan P. Tomes - Lance H. Rose
The key word in Apple CEO Tim Cook’s statement is
“mobile.” When a reasonable person thinks of mobility,
he or she denes it as moving or not stationar y. In rela-
tion to protected health information (PHI), there is no
exception to mobility. In fact, if a person has a pacemaker,
while it remains in the same place, the device’s location is
wherever the person is. So, if the person travels to India
or the United Kingdom, the device goes too and the PHI
is transmitted from there.
The 2014 Work Plan for the Ofce of the Inspec-
tor General (OIG) of the Department of Health and
Human Services (HHS) states that OIG intends to
review security controls implemented by hospitals
for portable device containing PHI, and security con-
trols over networked medical devices that access PHI
(including computerized medical devices that inte-
grate with the hospital’s electronic health record).
Conict of Laws
“If you’ve ever used an iPhone or an iPad, then you know mobile
apps are one of the hottest things in technology today.”
—Tim Cook, CEO, Apple
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