Authors' Note

AuthorRachel V. Rose - Jonathan P. Tomes - Lance H. Rose
This rst edition of the American Bar Association’s What Are Inter -
national HIPAA Considerations? is the collective work of a team with
diverse backgrounds, experiences, and degree sets. This book is
tailored to encompass a broad audience, including lawyers, IT pro-
fessionals, businesses, and compliance ofcers.
In general, data breaches involving international law can arise
in one of two ways: (1) the business associate or subcontractor is
located in the foreign country; or (2) an attack is remotely conducted
on a U.S. entity by a person in a foreign country. The authors share
a common goal with the ABA Health Law Section and the ABA Inter-
national Law Section to lead and to shape national and international
discussion on prominent issues. The support of the ABA’s signicant
membership enables both the Health Law Section and the Interna-
tional Law Section to draw on a variety of vantage points. Without
the time and commitment of these sections’ Publication Commit-
tees, this book would not have been possible.
We, the authors, would like to thank the members of the ABA’s
staff for their time and for their insights. Their dedication is reected
in every facet of the book.
We hope you nd this book and its resources worthwhile.
Authors’ Note
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