Lenovo: driving business success through innovation

Author:Fred Gao
Position:Patent Management, TS&IM, Lenovo (Beijing), Co., Ltd, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

As one of the world’s largest computer technology companies, the Lenovo Group is no stranger to innovation. A major player in what we call the “PC+” world, where people use personal computers and a broad range of smart devices, the company is constantly striving to create new categories of products that enhance the consumer experience, stand out from the competition and drive growth.


Lenovo has a rich pool of talent, employing around 33,000 people in over 60 countries serving customers in more than 160 markets. Product innovation is at the heart of Lenovo’s business success. The company operates 46 world-class laboratories, including research centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Shenzhen, China; Yokohama, Japan, and Morrisville, North Carolina, USA. The ultimate goal of Lenovo’s research and development (R&D) teams is to make more affordable products that add value and connect with the evolving needs of customers.

Fostering a culture of innovation

Innovation is part of Lenovo’s DNA. All employees are encouraged to share their ideas. A mechanism is in place to foster and screen innovative ideas for further development. The department in charge of innovation regularly pushes the latest science and technology news to R&D teams and organizes brainstorming sessions with employees. After evaluation by the Innovation Committee, successful proposals are fed through to the relevant operational departments. Senior managers also meet regularly to analyze technology trends and decide on the company’s innovation strategy, which is systematically communicated to all employees to ensure everyone is familiar with and works to support the company’s innovation objectives.

Lenovo’s R&D teams have introduced many industry firsts and have a strong track record when it comes to innovation and design. Its commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable and durable devices that meet consumer demand, underpinned by an extensive patent portfolio, continues to drive the company’s growth. Lenovo’s innovative products have won over 100 major design awards.

Innovative design underpins commercial success

One such product is the award-winning Yoga Tablet which was launched in autumn 2014, ushering in the multimodal concept for electronic devices. Inspired by the “hinge” in the bamboo slips – a sequence of bound long narrow strips of bamboo featuring a single column of brush-written text – used in ancient China, the Yoga Tablet integrates traditional cultural elements with cutting-edge technology. Its hallmark cylindrical hinge and metal kickstand differentiate it from other commercially available tablets, making it easier to grip. Its rotatable stand offers users multiple operating modes – stand, tilt and hold – allowing them to adapt to different operating contexts. The Yoga Tablet’s innovative design has proven a hit with consumers...

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