China Airlines 'Escort' to Fight Outbreak Prevention and Control

Author:Jing Liu
Position:Master's Student, Northwest University of Politics and Law (Xi ?an, China)
Advanced Space Law, Volume 5, 2020
Comment Section
China Airlines “Escort” to Fight Outbreak
Prevention and Control
Jing Liu1
Master’s Student, Northwest University of Politics and Law
(Xi ‘an, China)
Liu, Jing (2020) China Airlines “Escort” to Fight Outbreak Prevention and Control.
Advanced Space Law, Volume 5, 108-110.
Received: March 25, 2020; accepted: April 27, 2020
The Gengzi Spring Festival, the epidemic spread, the whole country made the same eort,
united in their eorts, and Miaoli moved forward. In the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and
control issues at the beginning of 2020, the aviation people took up the great trust of the Motherland
and the people without hesitation, transported medical personnel, and important materials from
all over the country and even from all over the world for Wuhan. They opened up the way for the
stranded homeless overseas compatriots to go home, provided hard nuclear protection to prevent
citizens from going out at will and strengthen the epidemic propaganda, gave full play to the
eciency, convenience and safety of China Airlines in the major emergency prevention and control
of the country, demonstrated aviation wisdom as well as the aviation responsibility.
Military aviation did not disgrace its mission and took the lead in becoming the rst
“aviation retrograde” to ght against the epidemic. On January 24, the night of the New
Year’s Eve, when thousands of lights were on, the joint logistics support forces completed the
emergency delivery of 450 military medical personnel and accompanying materials into Hubei
in three directions of Xi’an, Shanghai, and Chongqing in only eight hours, placing a strong
“reassurance” for Wuhan in the rst time. On February 2, eight air force transport planes
carried 795 medical personnel from Nanjing, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, and Shenyang to Wuhan,
setting a record for the PLA’s air-jet transport force to use the most transport capacity since
its establishment. In peacetime, military transport planes have changed their usual “combat
image” and become one of the most exible and critical means of transportation in emergency
rescue and disaster relief, playing an irreplaceable role in ghting the epidemic.
© Liu, Jing, 2020

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